Do Moving Companies Disassemble Furniture?

Do Moving Companies Disassemble Furniture? Yes, we provide disassemble services of furniture. Greetings! We are glad to hear that you are looking for a professional furniture moving services in Rockville to help you relocate. During the moving process, we will disassemble and reassemble furniture as part of our coverage.

We provide Disassemble Furniture Services. 

In addition to disassembling beds, bookshelves, dining room tables, buffets, and cabinets, moving companies load the furniture on the truck if necessary. That is their standard service. If you buy entertainment centers, bookcases, or wardrobes from IKEA or another press board retailer, please allow extra time.

If you want the moving company to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, there may be an additional charge. It is not the mover’s responsibility if the items have not been put together correctly or parts are missing; a waiver might be requested. Some best furniture movers in Rockville MD give some free potential advice’s about disassemble furnitures.

If you instruct the movers otherwise, the movers will reassemble anything that is disassembled at your current home. In new homes, people sometimes find that this happens when they paint or have their floors refinished.

When your movers reassemble your beds on the move- in the night, you and your family can sleep comfortably in your beds. The same city is moving service charges by hour maximum time, so disassembling beds and bookcases on own can save money.

Bags and bundles must be taped to each bed frame or bookcase. Clearly mark which bed frame or bookcase each package belongs to.

do moving companies disassemble furniture

Excluded Services

Removal of anything that’s attached to a wall or ceiling by bolts or screws, such as curtains rods, shelves, light fixtures, or mirrors, is not done by moving companies. Customers are responsible for ensuring their belongings are packed and removed before the movers arrive. It can save you a lot of money on your move if you disassemble your own bed and bookcases when moving within the same city. Specialized moving services in Rockville sometimes give refers such a company. 

Please show the moving consultant the hot tub you are moving as part of the home survey of items to be moved. If your hot tub is too big for the moving truck, you may have to have it shipped by an outside company or pay a bulky rate for having it transported on the truck. In the case of dismantling and re-assembly, as well as shipping, your mover can recommend a reliable contractor. You will need to disassemble and reassemble pianos, grandfather clocks, and chandeliers before moving. Ask your moving company for a recommendation of a company that can handle this task.

If you need more info about disassemble furniture call DMV MOVERS LLC and also get a free estimate.

One thing more, before hiring professionals please check their moving history by online presence reviews.

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