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Need to move to Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.? DMV Movers LLC has been a leading expert for over a decade in this area. Relocating is not an easy task, and never before_ with our expertise, moving day can be a piece of cake. You can count on DMV Movers LLC to move you long-distance or locally. And yes, residential and commercial as well.

In and around the nation’s capital, we specialize in both residents and businesses, thus trusting our intimate knowledge of the city. As a result, there are strict access codes and limited access times in Washington, DC buildings. With countless families moved under these conditions, our DMV mover accommodates these schedules. 

In other words, we are not in business to take advantage of people but to help them. In addition to providing cost-effective, affordable, and no-hassle services, we are among the top choices for residential and commercial movers.

We offer flat rates based on the items, the distance, and the difficulty level. We will only charge you what is quoted to you. When we take longer than anticipated to complete the job, it is our fault, not the clients. There is no such thing as a small or big job for us.

If you are planning your next relocation, be cautious when choosing a mover. Our company proudly serves the residents of Maryland, Virginia, and the greater Washington, DC metro area as well. Below is a list of the areas in which our professional movers work:

Maryland Moving Services : There is no better moving company in Maryland than the caring and experienced staff at DMV Movers LLC. We are dedicated to making moving a pleasant and stress-free experience for our customers. We are your most reliable and respectful Maryland movers, and we offer highly competitive rates!

Virginia Moving Services : Do you plan to relocate to Virginia? Have trouble finding movers that meet the standards you set for them? You can count on DMV Movers LLC for a cost-effective, simple, personalized move. During each move, our Virginia movers ensure the safety of your property – every step of the way – professionally and carefully.

Washington D.C. Moving Services : When moving to or from our nation’s capital, we are the best moving company near you. DMV Movers LLC offers high-quality, reliable, cutting-edge moving services for residents and corporations alike. Offering you a complete relocation solution is our primary goal, so let D.C. moving company take care of all your moving needs.

Coast To Coast Moving Company

When moving to or from the DMV, “DMV Movers LLC” is ready to ensure your success story on moving day. Your personal move coordinator will stay in touch with you throughout your relocation and answer any questions you may have throughout the process. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service during your move. 

In a world where one size fits all moving companies exist, DMV Movers strives to stand out. With us, you won’t find any hidden charges or fees. Our service is transparent and top-of-the-line. Moving companies in the DMV can keep you informed wherever life takes you and shift your items safely and quickly to their destination.

No matter what we quote you, you will not pay more than we quote you. We are ultimately responsible for the job taking longer than planned. DMV Movers LLC can ensure a smooth moving process regardless of whether you’re moving across town or across the country. On moving day, our professionals will care for what is most important to you.

Give us a call if you live in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC and want to relocate. Alternatively, you can use our simple online form, where you’ll be connected to a moving specialist for a free, no-obligation moving estimate!

Frequently Asked Question’s ( FAQ )

01. How Much Do Movers Cost In Virginia?

The average price for moving within Virginia, according to 177 reviews, the moving company estimates around $1520 to $4344. On average, local moves cost between $25 and $50 per mover per hour. Therefore, the cost of labor for a 2 worker team will be between $200 and $400 for 4 hours of labor.

02. How Much Does It Cost For Movers In Maryland?

In Maryland, hourly rates are either $149 or $210. There is a wide range of prices depending on the heavy items to move and how many movers are required. Check moving quotes for minimums before you make your final choice. In most cases, moving companies charge a flat fee for their moving services.

03. The Average Cost To Hire A Moving Company In DC?

Home Size


Base Cost of 2 Hours


2 movers


1 Bedroom

2 movers


2 Bedroom

3 movers


3 Bedroom

4 movers


04. What Is The Best Day To Move?

Weekdays are the best days to move (from Monday to Thursday). Whenever possible, choose a weekday for your move. Movers like DMV Movers LLC recommend moving from “Monday to Thursday” when the demand is lower.

05. When Should Maryland Movers Be Booked In Advance?

It is highly recommended that you book with a “professional relocation company” as soon as possible, ideally 2 months before the move. Make sure you check the recommendations of the movers you’re considering.

06. How Much Would It Cost To Move Locally To DC?   

In general, Full-Service Movers will charge between $1,598 and $3,474 to move a 2-3 bedroom house (800-1,200 square feet). However, it costs approximately $142 to $217 to rent a truck as well.

07. How Can I Move To Washington DC?

Washington, D.C.: Things to Consider Before Relocating

  • Prepare for living costs. 
  • Get to know your neighborhood. 
  • Discover the Metro’s charms. 
  • Store your car if you can. 
  • Learn about local taxes. 
  • Don’t ignore downsizing. 
  • Getting around the city. 
  • Learn about train routes & schedules.
  • Get ready for DC traffic.
  • Visit DC’s top attractions.

08. How Much Do You Tip Movers In Virginia?

During local moves within Virginia, the standard tip amount ranges from $15-30 for each mover. When moving to a neighboring state, standard tips are typical $50-100 for each mover, with anything over that ranging from $100 to 200 per employee.

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