Hassle free Corporate Relocation Services In Rockville

It is important for your business to continue growing and thriving in today’s economic environment, & no one knows that better than you. During the relocation process, our Corporate Relocation Services in Rockville ensure that there’s no bump in the road that can negatively impact your business.

In order to begin the relocation process, we study your operation carefully as well as your personal requirements. As well as providing trucks, moving boxes, and moving crews, DMV MOVERS LLC offers a dedicated business service that will provide you with peace of mind.

Tailored Solutions For Corporate Relocation Services In Rockville

A corporate relocation involves the transfer of an employee and the payment of moving expenses. Each step of your move will be coordinated and supervised by a project manager, and we will:

  • Confirmation of your new floor plan in pre-move meetings.
  • Pre-move, move-day, and after-move expectations.
  • Materials required, including a moving checklist.
  • Labeling and packing instructions.
  • Help minimize business disruptions.
  • During transfers, reducing downtime for employees.
  • Manage total costs and budgets.
  • Analyze the hundreds of possible problems that can undermine a successful move.
  • Whether you develop your own relocation policy, or if you wish to refine existing policies.
  • Our custom solutions are cost-effective.
  • Delivering exceptional results every time.
  • Corporate moving services in Maryland on a long distance and local basis along with 24-hour customer service, so that you can have a smooth, worry-free move.

No Move Is Too Big Or Too Complicated

Across the country, we have relocated small and large companies, including moving more than 800 employees in 24 hours from multiple floor levels of a high-rise building. As part of our on-site consulting services, we will outfit the list of your corporate belongings with the needed information. Their needs will be met so that they can quickly acquire internal approval for the relocation and prepare for the office.

Physical Support For Distancing

To assure your new office is compliant with the latest CDC physical distancing guidelines, we will help you design and build your new office layout. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are only providing virtual surveys rather than in-home surveys.

Ensure A Safe Relocation

When you relocate from one location to another, your buildings and assets will be protected properly. We offer comprehensive relocation services that are customized to fit your business needs, allowing you to grow as your company does. From the beginning to the end, this level of detail and personalization ensures a successful move.

IT (Information Technology)

You can rely on our trained crew to ensure maximum uptime when moving a data center or disconnecting, reconnecting, installing, or testing racks or computer moving services in Rockville. We can help you relocate anywhere in the United States if you choose us as your corporate relocation company.

Decommissioning And Liquidation

Whether it is extra office equipment, furniture, or other assets, our experts can disassemble, liquidate, or recycle them. Our office movers in Rockville MD offers top-quality corporate moving services that must make moving your business easier. We can make your corporate relocation quicker, cheaper, and more efficient, irrespective of whether it’s across the street or anywhere in the country.

Services Shortly

Our services include comprehensive workplace mobility. Taking care of packing, loading, and unloading of electronics and other sensitive equipment, securing storage, planning workspaces, and so on, with minimal disruption to the business. In addition, we can provide building restoration or recycling of excess equipment.

Equipment And Furniture Installation

Cleaning, sanitizing, reassembling, modifying, adjusting, and procuring furniture systems are just a few of the services our experienced installers provide. If you want, we will also hang your paintings for you.

Assurance Of Services

There is no need for a business to be stressed when moving from point A to point B. Here at Rockville movers, we’re here to remove any anxiety that you normally experience when moving. We plan your move together to ensure that not only will you be relocated, but we personalize the whole process.

Schedule Virtual Survey

The virtual survey allows you to walk through your house while talking with a moving representative through the use of a mobile app. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the distance you are moving. 

While you walk through the various rooms, your team can take photographs of these spaces and upload them to your account with notes.

We will make sure our team is ready for your moving day so that everything runs smoothly.

Get A Free Estimate At Home

Contact us for a free in-home corporate move survey for the most efficient and cost-effective commercial moving services in Rockville. As part of the in-home estimate, we examine your corporate belongings, estimate their volume and weight, and determine your relocation needs, your budget, as well as your packing & storage options.

Corporate Moving Services Near Me

Are you looking for the best corporate moving services near me? With our assistance, you will be able to develop and plan a best-practice moving program with the level of assistance that you need, from the smallest level of assistance up to full program management.

Regardless of the relocation costs, we offer quality customer service without sacrificing cost-effectiveness. While we understand that your time is valuable, we’ll work with you to move office furniture and equipment as soon as possible into your new building.

Corporate Moving Expenses

  • As a Rockville moving company, we are committed to offering a variety of options and services for corporate relocation. Each business relocation will present its own unique set of challenges. 
  • Our corporate clients benefit from customized relocating solutions like these and more. With this approach, moving services can be obtained for a price that fits your budget. 
  • Today, let’s find the right moving solution for your company. We offer corporate moving services in Rockville for all types of sizes, including sole proprietors and multinational corporations.
  • Lastly, if you happen to be a working professional, then you know how important it is to stay within your budget.

Our Price Offers

Full Moving Service Price Hourly:

2 MEN + 17ft BOX TRUCK = $350 (Min 2 hours moving, additional hour will be $110 per hour)

3 MEN + 26ft BOX TRUCK = $700 (Min 3 hours moving, additional hour will be $160 per hour)

4 MEN + 26ft BOX TRUCK = $900 (Min 4 hours moving, additional hour will be $190 per hour)

Labor Only Service Price Hourly:

2 MEN =  $95/HR  ( 2 Hrs Min. Plus One Trip Charge )

3 MEN = $139/HR ( 3 Hrs Min. Plus One Trip Charge )

4 MEN = $160/HR ( 4 Hrs Min. Plus One Trip Charge )

1. We’ve available various size trucks. Price will be changed if you choose your preference.
2. Long-distance costs will be different depends on the packaging, vehicle, and moving distance.
3. Insurance and toll-fee will make price variances.

ADVICE: Just call us or make form fill up to get a free quotation about your Moving.

Last Word

Our Maryland corporate relocation services company has been unsurpassed for more than a decade. Are you looking for help with corporate relocation? Take advantage of us right away! Let us manage the logistics of your move by calling our moving experts. 

Our goal is to ensure a seamless relocation from start to close. Whether there are one or a thousand employees, we offer custom-made relocation solutions. With the right equipment and movers, we can handle any office move, regardless of location or size, on time and within budget_ amazing customer service that goes above and beyond.

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