Not all relocations are set up equally; some are a little more difficult than others. Occasionally, you have a pretty good idea of tackling your move, but sometimes that is far from the situation.

However, don’t worry if you’re in trouble figuring out how to complete a challenging heavy move. Our specialized moving services in Rockville, MD, can handle your special items.

We specialize in specialty commodities for residential and commercial likewise. So, if you’re searching for expert movers, you’ve come to the proper place.

Specialized Moving Company in Rockville: FFE Transportation

  • Moving can be horrible- especially when you have complex equipment to relocate. Furniture, fixtures can become overwhelming, so you require a specialized move.
  • The same condition can arise when you are moving heavy machinery and bulky equipment.
  • Movers in Rockville MD professional moving company offer specialized moving services hassle-free.
  • We offer bulky furniture, fixtures, and equipment moving services that simplify the move and storage process, whether you are moving long-distance or local area.
  • Although it comes to items’ safety for unique challenges, we can pack, load, and unload with utmost care.
  • We know perfectly how to carry your stuff safely. Get in touch for specialty moving needs.

Movers For Specialized Moving Services in Rockville MD

Check out some of our challenges :

  • Fragile Items
  • Instruments
  • Unique Furniture Items
  • Antiques
  • High-Value Fine Art
  • Medical Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Office Equipment
  • Store Fixtures
  • Light Fixtures
  • Piano
  • Pool Table
  • IT Equipment
  • Computers
  • FFE Transportation
  • Commercial And Business Relocation

And more.

Take A Look Some Particularized And Specialty Moving Services

Our specialized movers can handle any type of commercial move, including large industrial equipment and sensitive electronics.

Fine Art & Antiques Moving : 

Our custom packing and crating services will safeguard the beauty and integrity of your valuable artwork.

No matter how valuable your piano is or the antique table passed down in your family, we take great care when moving all types of furniture.

We are specialized movers with all sizes of U-HAUL’s available for our customers. So don’t worry about difficulties with your move.

Trade Show Moving :

With our expert movers, you can transport and deliver your trade show exhibition with ease.

Vehicle Transport : 

Whether it’s a car, truck, motorcycle, or boat, our Rockville moving professionals make the process as stress-free and straightforward as possible with our secure shipping option as well as comprehensive tracking.

Expedited Services : 

Our expert movers are well-equipped to handle all last-minute requests, regardless of whether you are shipping something across town or across the country.


If you need support, discover how to move your armoire, piano, or a king-size bed. Get a free estimate today for your belongings safe.

Specialized Movers In Rockville: For Unique And Valuable Items

Do you have oddly shaped large appliances or high-value belongings? Need to move new location with your valuable elements? Well, request our specialized services (frequently asked questions) for the upcoming relocation schedule. We use very unique packing materials and safe protection for your fragile belongings.

Our professional company focused on damage-free relocation and covered your items safely; No matter how large, small, or bulky furniture.

Why Do You Need The Best Specialized Movers Near Me?

Are you searching for Specialized Movers Near Me, but can’t seem to find any that are affordable or meet your needs? Our moving company in Rockville customizes each move for each of its customers to ensure that they get exactly what they need while staying within budget.

What is our purpose? Because of this, we have become a leader in DMV specialized moving by providing excellent customized service. We can ship items made of various materials made to virtually any size to your final destination. 

Our team is skilled at shipping local or long distance items without any damage.

We Provide the Following Specialties:

  • Expedited Service Crews
  • Flatbed Dedicated service
  • Dry Van 
  • Temperature Controlled 
  • High Value/ White-Glove 
  • Warehousing 
  • Transportation Management 
  • Home Delivery/ Final Mile 
  • Brokerage 
  • Intermodal

Our Price Offers

Full Moving Service Price Hourly:

2 MEN + 17ft BOX TRUCK = $350 (Min 2 hours moving, additional hour will be $110 per hour)

3 MEN + 26ft BOX TRUCK = $700 (Min 3 hours moving, additional hour will be $160 per hour)

4 MEN + 26ft BOX TRUCK = $900 (Min 4 hours moving, additional hour will be $190 per hour)

Labor Only Service Price Hourly:

2 MEN =  $95/HR  ( 2 Hrs Min. Plus One Trip Charge )

3 MEN = $139/HR ( 3 Hrs Min. Plus One Trip Charge )

4 MEN = $160/HR ( 4 Hrs Min. Plus One Trip Charge )


1. We’ve available various size trucks. Price will be changed if you choose your preference.
2. Long-distance costs will be different depends on the packaging, vehicle, and moving distance.
3. Insurance and toll-fee will make price variances.

ADVICE : Just call us or make form fill up to get a free quotation about your Moving.

Frequently Asked Question’s ( FAQ )

01. What Is The Calculation Of Specialized Moving Costs?

The Following Formula Can Help You Estimate Moving Costs:

  • (Hourly rate) + (Number of moving crews) + (Total number of moving hours) + (Travel fee) + (Any additional services or packing supplies you request)
  • It’s important to know: Local specialized moving companies usually charge a minimum of 2 to 4 hours.

02. Is There Anything Movers Can’t Move?

Yes. Many cross-country movers have a list of hazardous materials they can’t move & they won’t pack them either. Items that may be dangerous:

  • Gasoline.
  • Lighter fluid.
  • Oxygen bottles.
  • Propane cylinders.
  • Matches.
  • Paints & paint thinners.
  • Nail polish cleanser.
  • Fireworks.
  • And more.

03. What Is The Best Relocation Price?

Depending on the package, relocation costs can range from around $2,000 – $100,000. You and your company may decide what services are covered and how much money to spend. However, if you offer more, your offer may be more difficult to refuse while negotiating moving expenses!

04. What Is The Best Way To Transport Specialized Heavy Items?

Transporting heavy objects when moving: 7 easy ways

  1. Remove all the attached parts. Bulky & heavy items can be moved more easily if all attached parts are removed.
  2. Rent a trailer. 
  3. Sliders should be used.
  4. Instead of sliders, use moving blankets. 
  5. Lifting straps are useful.
  6. Get a dolly or a hand truck. 
  7. Stair rollers should be used.

05. How Do I Move My Antiques Across The Country?

Place fragile & antique items into packing paper, then pack them carefully alongside other items. Crumbled packing paper can be used to fill in gaps in between items. Seal the box with packing tape and mark it as fragile.

For More Details About FAQ’s- Click Here

Would you really like stress-free specialized moving services in Rockville? Our experts ensure your specialized help at a reasonable price.

Ignore everything, and it’s the best way to contact our team now for a free quote or fill up the online form.

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