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This document contains important information about your relationship with DMV MOVERS LLC. Please read it carefully and familiarize yourself with its terms.

 Thank you for booking your move with movers in Rockville MD ! Please read the terms and conditions for our services below in its entirety. These terms apply to all moves that are scheduled and completed by our employees.


The customer or his representative must be present during the move and final “walk-through”. Our time runs continuously until payment is completed.

Relocation duration depends on various reasons: quantity of goods, furniture assembling /disassembling time, distance between locations, etc.; thus we cannot be responsible, if time of moving is longer than Customer had anticipated.

If it is not possible to finish the move in the time allocated and manpower available to us, professional long distance movers in Rockville reserves the right to attend to the other obligations in our schedule before returning to complete the job.


It is important to be as accurate as possible when providing an Inventory List. Your Estimate is based on the Inventory List that you provide. Best moving company in Maryland use this Inventory List to determine how many movers and hours your job will require. This helps us with scheduling and enables us to give you an accurate Estimate. The Estimate is based on your home being packed and ready to move. Adding a significant number of items to your move after you have given us an Inventory List will increase the time required for your move, thus, the Cost for your move will increase.


No liability shall be provided on the following items, unless the item is specifically listed on the shipping document by description and value; bills of exchange, bonds, bullion, precious metals, currency, deeds, documents, evidence of debt, credit cards, firearms, money, jewelry, watches, precious stones, pearls, gold, silver or platinum articles, stock certificates, stamps collections.

No liability shall be provided for the mechanical or electrical derangements of pianos, radios, clocks, computers, refrigerators, television sets, automatic washers/dryers, or other instruments or appliances unless evidenced by external damage to such equipment.


If during loading or unloading we receive a parking ticket, a Customer is obligated to reimburse us the entire amount stated on the ticket.

Because Customers have various quantities of goods; we do not guarantee that all goods can be fit in the truck in one trip. In that case, if possible, full service moving companies provide another truck. Arriving time and size of additional truck depend on the company’s availability. Additional truck will be provided at a separate charge.

If the Customer refuses to pay for the services, we reserve the right to transfer all goods to our own designated storage. In that case Customer will be responsible for all prior, and future hours worked, packing materials, and storage fees.


It is important that you speak with DMV MOVERS LLC operations department 1 – 2 days prior to your move date. If a shipper fails to E-Sign or pay the move deposit, the move is only tentatively booked and requires further action. If a shipper fails to confirm their move 24 hours in advance, they risk losing their scheduled move date and move deposit.


The business address and telephone number to be used by the consumer-bailor in making inquiries concerning this transaction and the storage of his or her household goods are listed in the heading on the front side of this contract.


Upon request, the Company may provide only labor help to load or unload a rental truck or container, or otherwise assist you with your move. Labor help services consist of LABOR ONLY and do not include any vehicle, moving truck, moving equipment, boxes, or protection methods of any kind. If you purchase long distance moving and storage companies near melabor help services only, you acknowledge and agree that no equipment, protective material, or cargo insurance on your household goods, property or rental equipment will be provided by the Company.


  • If the truck assigned for the move breaks down.
  • If we have any previous orders, because the completion time is previously unknown.
  • If there are road signs “No trucks over 5000 pounds” or “No trucks”, we must follow the Rules, and detour these signs.
  • If we are working during pick hours, when traffic is heavy.


If the Customer cancels or reschedules within a week before the move it amounts to one hour fee. Less than 48 hours is a 2 hour’s fee. These fees do not apply if the rescheduling is due to an Act of God.

If for any reason Customer decides to stop moving at any time prior to its completion, Customer is obligated to pay for the time that we spent from the start up until the moment when our movers have stopped working. (2 hour minimum charge applies).

If Customer does not behave in an appropriate manner (insults movers, tries to force movers), affordable moving companies in Maryland have the right to stop the service immediately, and unload all the goods next to the truck. The Customer must pay for the service time from the very start of moving up until the moment service was canceled by us. (2 hour minimum charge applies).


If the parties agree that the move shall take place in a given time period, a delay shall be deemed to have occurred if the move is not completed by the given time period. If the parties do not agree to a specified time period, performance of the contract will never be deemed to have been delayed. If the parties have not agreed to anything concerning the time period, a delay shall be deemed to have occurred if the actual time taken by the removal exceeds the time that it is reasonable to allocate to a prompt removals company, taking into account the mode of transport used, the nature of the move and other circumstances.


Along with the necessary moving equipment, the movers also carry tons of moving blankets, moving shrink wrap, and tools inside their trucks at all time. If you would like to request that the movers wrap everything for you, you must notify best moving company near me company prior to your move; this particular additional service may also include an additional cost. Pianos and heavy items will apply additional fees.

A surcharge may apply for stairs per flight; elevator and long carry; unless otherwise arranged at time of booking.

No alcoholic beverages are to be served / handed to our staff.


The following items are specifically excluded from this contract and if they are moved by us moving and storage near me do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage:

  • Jewelry, watches, precious stones, money, stamps, coins or goods or collections of a similar kind.
  • Potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items.
  • Goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestations.
  • Refrigerated or frozen food or drink.
  • Any animals including pets, birds or fish.


Moving companies in Rockville Maryland reserve the right not to service you under conditions that, at our sole discretion, we consider dangerous, unsanitary, or abusive. In the event we exercise this right, we will not be liable to you or any other entity for direct or consequential damages.


Final charges will be based on actual weight or cubic feet/volume of property and services provided. Maximum amount demanded at time of delivery, prior to unloading, is the amount of the non-binding estimate plus 10%; or 100% of the binding estimate. Actual charges may exceed the amount of estimate if additional services were ordered or required to be performed; if customer moved additional items, weight, or cubic feet; or if extra service options such as packing or storage were necessary.


We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  You may also pay with cash.


Confirmation of a Service or set of Services will be by means of the customer confirmation email. Details in this confirmation will include all the core moving details, which include the moving date and time, applicable addresses, etc. A reconfirmation email is sent out 72 hours prior to the stipulated service, specifically so that the customer may review and notify us of any inaccuracies in the said order.


By sending “confirmation email” or replying to our email – you agree and accept all terms, this shall become a contract for services at the rates stated and will represent the entire agreement of the parties hereto. It shall apply to all additional services rendered by the company for the Customer. Only an officer of the company, owner or partner has power to modify the terms and conditions of this contract, and then only in writing. DMV MOVERS LLC shall not be bound by any other promise or representation.


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