Movers In Rockville MD: Friendly, Affordable, Dependable

One of the biggest stressors of life is moving day. We have the trained and experienced movers you need for a stress-free move from or to Rockville, Maryland. We are the local expert movers in Rockville MD. During a move, there’s more to pack than only “stuff.”

As you pack your home, you’re bringing everything with you. Our team will assist you in getting it there safely. If you are considering moving in, out, or to Rockville, you can trust us to take care of all your moving needs.

Movers MD Prioritize Your Priorities

In addition to providing moving services, we commit to treating all of our customers respectfully and with care.

Peace Of Mind

Our employees are trained in our facility, not yours, and every employee receives ongoing training. Background checks and drug tests are conducted on all employees, at all times.

Protection & Care

As far as protecting your belongings is concerned, we go the extra mile. Everything you send is protected right from the start and is not unwrapped until it reaches its new destination. Yes, every single time.

Support Available 24/7

Our moving company in Rockville MD customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Move easily by using our top-rated mobile app, which allows you to manage & access all your move documents and files.

movers in rockville md

Virtual Surveys

Our Artificial Intelligence-based technology can be used to carry out a self-survey within your house. If you prefer, you can work directly with a Move Consultant for a live visual survey or an in-home inspection.

Moving Services In Rockville: Our Promise

Experienced, Professional Crews

Our Rockville MD movers are trained, hardworking, and clean-cut professionals will respect you, your possessions, and your requirements.

Upfront & Honest Pricing

Our pricing structure is based on hourly rates. In addition to work time, we charge for travel time, packing materials, and shipping costs.

Same Day, Last Minute Moving Service

Each year, thousands of Americans are forced to move out of their homes due to an emergency. Our Rockville movers can help.

All Sized Move Available

Do you need to move just a few items in Rockville, Maryland? Or lots of belongings? We can do all for you. Now is the time to take advantage of special discounts.

Calculate Your Moving Costs

It’s our commitment to keeping things simple, and we’ll provide you with no-hassle pricing without hidden fees or charges. As a result, your move will be streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective.

  • Describe your move in detail

Let us know more about your moving needs by submitting a quick form.

  • Find out what it takes to move

Please give us your contact information so we can match you with a trusted mover.

  • Request a quote today

An experienced moving team will contact you, typically within 24 hours, at your convenience to provide you with a quote.


Our Price Offers

Full Moving Service Price Hourly:

2 MEN + 17ft BOX TRUCK = $350 (Min 2 hours moving, additional hour will be $120 per hour)

3 MEN + 26ft BOX TRUCK = $700 (Min 3 hours moving, additional hour will be $160 per hour)

4 MEN + 26ft BOX TRUCK = $900 (Min 4 hours moving, additional hour will be $190 per hour)

Labor Only Service Price Hourly:

2 MEN =  $95/HR  ( 2 Hrs Min. Plus One Trip Charge )

3 MEN = $139/HR ( 3 Hrs Min. Plus One Trip Charge )

4 MEN = $160/HR ( 4 Hrs Min. Plus One Trip Charge )


  1. We’ve available various size trucks. Price will be changed if you choose your preference.
  2. Long-distance costs will be different depends on the packaging, vehicle, and moving distance.
  3. Insurance and toll-fee will make price variances.

ADVICE : Just call us or make form fill up to get a free quotation about your Moving.


01. How Much Does It Cost For Movers In Rockville?

The average cost of moving locally or short distance will range from $300 to $1,500 according to the size of your move, as well as several factors. During local moves, Rockville moving companies usually charge an hourly rate. However, rates range between $50 and $500 per hour.

02. How Do Movers Work In Rockville?

Your household items will be wrapped up by a Rockville mover and safely delivered to your new home. An experienced full-service mover goes beyond moving. In addition to packing your belongings, professional movers will also offer unpacking services.

03. How Are Moving Costs Calculated?

When calculating a local move, add up the estimated number of working hours and multiply it by the hourly fee the relocation company charges. Additional charges may also apply for Packing Materials, Travel Time, and Moving Tips for the movers depending on your choice.

04. What Is The Cheapest Way To Move Between States?

Moving out of state on a budget: 6 ways to do it

  1. Moving trucks can be rented. Renting a moving truck can help you transport your belongings long distances. 
  2. Cargo trailer rentals are available. 
  3. Recruit your friends & family.
  4. Free packing supplies are available.
  5. Use a moving container to ship your items.
  6. Get your stuff sold.

05. How Can I Make Moving Easier?

The 10 Best Tips for Making Moving Easier

  1. Plan your move in advance.
  2. Donate items you no longer need.
  3. Make sure you start packing early.
  4. Ensure that professional movers are hired.
  5. Decide which van is right for you.
  6. An “essentials” bag should be packed.
  7. Send advance notifications to important contacts regarding your new home.
  8. Stay in touch with your movers.
  9. Make sure the kids are entertained. 
  10. Be kind to your movers.

Final Thoughts

Finally, whatever your moving needs may be, whether you’re moving long distance or locally, movers in Rockville MD would love to assist you. To receive a free quote, get in touch with us immediately. Contact us online or over the phone to schedule your next move.

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