Croydon Creek Nature Center Rockville MD

852 Avery Road (off Baltimore Road), Rockville, MD 20851

Croydon Creek Nature Center Rockville MD (CCNC) lies just a short drive from Rockville’s downtown. . There are 120 acres of forest preserve, meadows, and a winding creek on the center’s property that is home to various wildlife. Discover the urban forest and interpretive exhibits at the nature center through informative programs. The nature center is free to visit.

What’s at Croydon Creek Nature Center Rockville MD


In order to benefit conservation efforts and educational purposes, there are a variety of animals. It has reptiles, amphibians, and its very own owl named Cricket.

Hiking Trails 

A little over 3 miles of marked trails are adjacent to the John G. Hayes Forest Preserve, which is home to several historical relics, a meandering tributary of Rock Creek, and a variety of wildlife.


Visitors can get a tour of local watersheds and learn how they can positively impact them in the watershed exhibit on the lower level. Various seasonal exhibits are also available.

Discovery Room 

The Discovery room includes a large selection of books, games, puzzles, and activities for everyone to enjoy.

Hours :

  Sunday  1–4 PM  
  Monday  Closed  
  Tuesday  9AM–4PM  
  Wednesday  9 AM–4 PM  
  Thursday  9 AM–4 PM  
  Friday  9AM–4PM  
  Saturday  9AM–4PM  
croydon creek nature center rockville md
Credit : John Brighenti


Nature Explorers

Play games, hike, and make crafts as you learn about Hayes Forest Preserve and Croydon Creek Nature Center habitats. Most mornings will be spent outdoors enjoying outdoor play activities that connect campers to nature.

Wilderness Bushcraft Camp

Skill build camps teach campers how to make fire, procure drinkable water, build survival shelters, and navigate using maps and compasses. Every day of the camp focuses on a different skill, culminating in a Survival Skills Challenge that integrates everything learned during the week.

The Science of Life

As you conduct experiments and use technological advances to study evolution and molecular biology, you will learn what it means to be a scientist. DNA models will be created, participants will examine genetics, and they will dissect angiosperms. They will explore the biosphere and biodiversity of Croydon Creek as they seek the answers to complex biology questions.

Geology and Exploration

Explore an area where the liquid, solid, and gaseous parts of the Earth interact as you examine a creek that carved valleys into rock, created waterfalls, and swept trees away. Campers create crystals and conduct experiments on fossilization, stream erosion, and sedimentation!

Address: 852 Avery Rd, Rockville, MD 20851

Phone: (240) 314-8770

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