Will Movers Move Cleaning Supplies? [Know The Secrets]

will movers move cleaning supplies

The preparation and scheduling for your move have been completed, so now it’s time to start packing. However, before you begin packing and wrapping your belongings, ensure that you understand which items are permitted or prohibited to move.

Are you wondering will movers move cleaning supplies? Basically, NO. Cleaning supplies are usually not packed and moved by moving companies for safety reasons because such liquids can spill inside moving vans. If this occurs, other household items may be damaged as well. It is crucial to choose a mover that is committed to providing seamless moves, as our residential moving company in Rockville. In addition, movers will give you a list of items they do not move. 

The restricted items vary between movers, so it’s essential to keep that in mind. Therefore, before packing, plan out how you will dispose of these items. Read on below to figure out how can be possible to shift cleaning supplies when moving. This article made by DMV MOVERS LLC special movers experiences.

Why Movers Won’t Move Your Cleaning Items [Reasons Here]

As you might expect, the focus is on safety. However, security is of the utmost importance when moving valuables from one place to another. In many cases, they are carried across state lines and worldwide.

A lot of moving companies will not move certain products due to a high possibility of damage:

  • The representatives of the moving company (companies movers)
  • Property of their own (their moving truck)
  • Inside the truck are the possessions of the customer
  • Items belonging to other clients (when consolidating shipments)
  • The environment is harmed
  • The public may even be exposed to health risks
will movers move cleaning supplies

How should I pack Cleaning Supplies And Liquids For Moving?

Liquids and cleaners are easy to pack. Just take a few extra moments to ensure you have grouped your liquids properly. You have not used any non-hazardous liquids in the past six months, expired products, or items that are almost empty. 

Well, let’s see below more effective ways to pack up liquid-type cleaner:

  • Liquids you aren’t throwing away should be grouped together, separated by type. 
  • Don’t mix your shampoo and toilet cleaner, for example, but you can pack your pasta sauce with olive oil.
  • Next, remove the cap or lid from each liquid container, wrap the opening in plastic wrap, and put it back on. 
  • Then, cover the whole container with plastic wrap. Once that’s done, tape the individual containers together. 
  • Therefore, place each container upright into a moving box made of plastic. Make sure they don’t bounce around in the box but don’t compress them too tightly.
  • If you are unpacking, clearly label your boxes, so you know where your liquids are. 
  • Be especially careful when handling boxes of liquids, ensuring that they are not tipped or rotated.
  • Liquids shouldn’t be moved, obviously. You should leave liquid cleaners behind if at all possible. 
  • Unfortunately, this will not always be feasible or desirable. During your move, if you must transport liquids, you should conduct research and consult an expert. 
  • The experts of Movers Rockville will ensure that your liquids are transported safely and efficiently.

Precautions And Final Advice

If you are packing hazardous items without informing the moving company, you should avoid trying to fool them. But why?

  • The first reason is that it’s too risky. During a move, should your household belongings suffer damage or loss, your mover or insurer will not be responsible for covering those losses.
  • Secondly, if something goes wrong, you’ll be responsible for any damage you cause.
  • In local residential moves, you might consider transporting the following items yourself, just ensure they are properly packed, so they are not exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • In a long-distance move, hazardous materials can be quite inconvenient. If so, you should donate cleaning items to someone else, discard them properly, & purchase new cleaning products when you relocate.
  • If you have questions regarding how to properly dispose of particular hazardous items, you should contact your local “Environmental Protection Agency” office.

The Last Word

Despite popular belief, you cannot move bleach, Windex, or other cleaning supplies when the time comes to pack up. Will Movers Move Cleaning Supplies? It’s a common question. The answer is no but it’s possible to do, and there is a high risk, obviously.

There is a concern about a few items containing flammable material. Additionally, there is also the concern that one of the items will leak and cause damage to the rest of the vehicle.

 When you move into your new home, you will need cleaning products. Therefore, it may be wise to purchase new cleaning supplies for your new home.

Happy Safe Moving.

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